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Revisiting the Past Seniors Program

Russell Township is looking for senior volunteers to present our history to local schools.
Presentations will be conducted in the language of the schools, therefore we are looking for English, French and/or bilingual volunteers.
This program is funded by the Township of Russell and by the Government of Canada – New Horizons Seniors Program.

Learning opportunity
Russell Township wants to promote the local history of our communities and ensure that its stories are passed down through the generations to come. With this program, senior volunteers have the opportunity to pass down historical stories to local children and feel accomplished knowing that our history will no not be lost with time.

Volunteer duties:
  - Complete training a training session on Russell Township’s History;
  - Give presentations at local schools about Russell Township’s History while including personal experiences;
  - Be video interviewed & present personal experiences – filmed interviews will be available for those who cannot travel, and for those who request it, and;
  - Provide feedback at the end of the program to allow the administration to write a Final Report for the Government of Canada.

As a member of the Revisiting the Past Seniors Program, the volunteer will present Russell Township’s history with a large timeline-styled banner of the key historical dates. In addition, volunteers will have the opportunity to be video interviewed and have their personal history with the community saved forever to pass down through generations. All video collected will be the property of the Corporation of the Township of Russell and DVD copies will be provided to the volunteers. In addition, the videos will be published to the Russell Township YouTube webpage.

The following may be required prior to volunteering:
- Flu vaccination (highly recommended)
- Criminal Reference Check / Vulnerable Sector Screening
o A criminal reference check that is 6 months old or less will be accepted. If a new check is required, for instructions please contact Chantal Mercier by email or at 613-443-3066 x2329.
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Russell Watch
​Are you passionate about our community’s safety?


RUSSELL WATCH is looking for patrollers and a secretary. If you are interested in joining the team, contact Wendy Murray at 613-445-0522.

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