Heritage Conservation District




You are invited to attend this second public consultation to see the work the consultants have completed to date and to provide input on key interests and issues. For example, we will be discussing the preliminary suggestions by the Heritage Architects/Urban Designers for HCD boundaries.

WHEN: November 7, 2018 (7 pm)
WHERE: 717 Notre-Dame Street, Embrun (Gaston-Patenaude Hall)

Heritage Conservation District

On March 19, 2018, Council approved a study to consider options for a potential Heritage Conservation District for part of the Village of Russell. This follows from a preliminary heritage evaluation undertaken in 2015.

The purpose of the preliminary heritage evaluation in 2015 was to provide the Township Council with an impartial third-party professional evaluation of potential Township historic properties and streetscapes that are worthy of further study for potential designation under the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA) which provides requirements and directions for this work. 

The 2015 Preliminary Heritage Evaluations Report identifies clusters of potential heritage resources that may be worthy of consideration for designation as a Heritage Conservation District. For the results of the preliminary heritage study, please consult the Preliminary Heritage Evaluations report 2015.  This document is the inspiration for the current Heritage Conservation District Study.

The purpose of a Heritage Conservation District (HCD-OHA Part V) is not to prevent development, but to provide the community with tools to help appropriately manage change within a historic area.

The Study of a potential Heritage Conservation District commenced on July 31, 2018, with a meeting of resident and commercial stakeholders. The discussion during the stakeholder meeting included a number of questions and responses, which are shared in the document below titled “Q & A – Heritage Conservation District Study Stakeholder meeting July 31, 2018.” The presentation from the stakeholder meeting is shared in the presentation titled “Presentation – Heritage Conservation District Study Stakeholder meeting, July 31, 2018.” 

We welcome your feedback, questions and comments on both the meeting presentation and/or the question and answer document.

Timeline and next steps for the process are outlined below:

Designation Process

The next step will be a public meeting in November to discuss general observations from the consultants conducting the study and discussions around some of the general direction options including potential boundaries for a potential Heritage Conservation District.

For more information or to request to receive email updates regarding the Heritage Conservation District Study please contact Alix Jolicoeur at alixjolicoeur@russell.ca or Dominique Tremblay at dominiquetremblay@russell.ca