Find out more about commercial and multi-unit residential projects in the planning or construction stages of development within the Township.

In planning stages:

Comments on projects in the planning stage are welcome. If you are interested in seeing additional plans or reports for any of the projects in the planning stages or to submit comments please contact the Planning Department by e-mail or by phone at 613-443-3066.

Paquet Street - Mehdi Auto Services Ltd, & 8990816 CANADA INC.

Description: A new 1,486 sq. m. automotive body shop, including showroom and offices

View the Site Plan for Mehdi Auto Services Ltd & 8990816 CANADA INC.

17 First Avenue – Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Ottawa

347 Corduroy Road – Battleshield Property Group

Description: Construction of an addition to the existing industrial use building

View the Site Plan for 347 Corduroy Road

Now under construction or building permit review:

593 Notre Dame Street – Sclymana Inc.

Description: Conversion of the existing house to a large animal veterinary clinic office.

Site Plan for 593 Notre Dame Street

Echo Street – Belko Auto Body 1994 Ltd.

Description: A new 1,407 sq. m. auto body shop with office space

Site Plan for Belko Auto Body 1994 Ltd.

St-Moritz Terrace (Block 131 on Plan 50M-320) – 2766096 Ontario Inc.

Description: New 12 unit apartment building

View the Site Plan for St-Moritz Terrace

101 Warehouse St. – Dumyat Hill Realty

Description: New warehouse building
Site plan

100 Hybrid Street – Benam Construction Inc.

Description: Two new 6-unit apartment blocks and one 4-unit townhouse block

Site Plan for 100 Hybrid Street

Echo Street – 9483004 Canada Ltd

Description: New industrial building for tow truck assembly

Site Plan


832 Burton Road, Phase 2 – Megha Holdings Inc.

Description: New 26,199 sq. m. warehouse building.

View the Site Plan for 832 Burton Road, Phase 2

St-Guillaume and Notre Dame Street – Russell Properties Inc.

Description: New gas station, car wash, convenience store and restaurant with drive-through

Site Plan

St Moritz Terrace – C. H. Clement Construction Inc.

Description: 78 new stacked townhouses in 7 buildings.

View the Site plan for St Moritz Terrace



17 Paquet Street – Swar Signs Inc.

Description: New warehouse building

Site Plan

271 Beflort Street – Maisons SACA Homes

New 14-unit, 3 storey apartment building

Site Plan

785 Notre Dame Street – 6076874 Canada Inc.

New office building

Site Plan

755 Notre Dame Street – Cooperative Agricole D’Embrun

New restaurant

Site Plan

484 Church Street – OCS Holdings Group Inc.

Description: Site Plan amendment application to construct a 9-unit apartment building instead of the previously approved 5 unit apartment building.

Site Plan for 484 Church Street – OCS Holdings Group Inc.