Public Notices
The draft Official Plan and Zoning By-Law review is underway.

The final Background Report, final Employment Land Justification Report, and final Official Plan, including the Schedules for the Official Plan, are now available below.

Download the Official Plan (draft)

Download Draft Official Plan Schedules:

Official Plan Schedule A1 – Land Use Designations – Embrun and Commercial Parks
Official Plan Schedule A2 – Land Use Designations – Russell
Official Plan Schedule A3 – Land Use Designations – Limoges
Official Plan Schedule A4 – Land Use Designations – Marionville
Official Plan Schedule A5 – Land Use Designations – 417 Industrial Park
Official Plan Schedule B – Transportation
Official Plan Schedule C1 – Community Improvement Plan Project Areas – Embrun
Official Plan Schedule C2 – Community Improvement Plan Project Areas – Russell

Download the Background Report (draft)

Download the Employment Land Justification Report (draft)

Download the Zoning By-law (draft)

Download Draft Zoning By-Law Schedules:

ZBL Schedule 2016 - A1a Embrun - West
ZBL Schedule 2016 - A1b Embrun - Central North
ZBL Schedule 2016 - A1c Embrun - Central South
ZBL Schedule 2016 - A1d Embrun - East
ZBL Schedule 2016 - A2 Russell
ZBL Schedule 2016 - A2a Russell - Central
ZBL Schedule 2016 - A3 Limoges
ZBL Schedule 2016 - A4 Marionville
ZBL Schedule 2016 - A5 Rural North
ZBL Schedule 2016 - A5a Industrial Park
ZBL Schedule 2016 - A5b Rural North East
ZBL Schedule 2016 - A6 Rural South

Please contact Dominique Tremblay, by phone at 613-443-3066 ext. 2317 or by e-mail, if you have any comments or concerns regarding the Draft Zoning by-law.


February 26, 2018 @ 6 pm

Zoning amendments
a. Blanchard-Surprenant, 1874 St-Joseph Rd., Embrun

February 26, 2018 @ 6 P.M.

Minor Variances
a. Ferme Troitrefles, 1647 Ste-Marie Rd., Embrun
b. Prudhomme/Tilley, 586 Chartrand St., Russell


101 Warehouse, Vars
9 Paquet St., Vars
270 Corduroy Rd., Vars
649 Notre Dame, Embrun
Richelieu Park
Centre Urgel Forget
400 Commerce, Vars