Mayor Pierre Leroux

Pierre Leroux

 Pierre Leroux, Mayor

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I’m a proud husband to Lynn and father to three boys, Vincent, Christian and Jeremy.  In 2001, we moved to Russell Township and opened our first small business ‘Pierre & Fils Dépanneur/Vidéo’ in Embrun.  Working on average 18 hours/day for the first 18 months on the business helped me develop a strong work ethic.  A few years later, I became an Embrun volunteer fire fighter and in 2010 opened a second location in Casselman.  That same year, I became a councillor and in 2015, following the sudden loss of our beloved mayor and my friend, JP St. Pierre, I became mayor.

What motivated you to become a municipal councillor?

I had never envisioned myself a politician.  In fact, it had never really crossed my mind. It wasn’t until a friend said “you should run for council” while discussing local issues and a controversial by-law during a friendly game of poker. At that very moment, the idea was planted. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with the work and the ability to help my community.

What do you do for fun? / ‘What You Won’t Read on LinkedIn’

 My free time is pretty limited these days but when I can I play board games with my family.  I also consider myself a geek and have an immense comic book collection that I’ve been collecting since I was young to prove it.  My ‘man cave’ looks like an episode of Big Bang Theory.  We love going to comic book conventions and watching movies - hence why I opened a video store.