Russell Township Emergency Plan

You may download or view the Township of Russell's Municipal Emergency Plan here.

The Township of Russell’s Emergency Plan has been developed in accordance with the requirements of Ontario’s Emergency Management Act, which states that “every municipality shall develop and implement an emergency management program and the council of the municipality shall by by-law adopt the emergency management program”. R.S.O. 1990, Chapter E.9.

In order to ensure the development and implementation of a community emergency management program in accordance with the Act, the Municipality is required to designate a Community Emergency Management Coordinator. The CEMC must be a municipal employee and the designation must be done officially by means such as a resolution of council or administrative designation.

The CEMC shall co-ordinate the development and implementation of the Township's emergency management program within the Municipality and shall co-ordinate the Municipality's emergency management program in so far as possible with the emergency management programs of other municipalities, of ministries of the Ontario government and of organizations outside government that are involved in emergency management.

The CEMC will form a Community Emergency Management Program Committee consisting of members of the various departments and services in the Township.

The CEMC, in conjunction with the committee shall:

  • Conduct the Community’s Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment process.
  • Identify Township Critical Infrastructures
  • Prepare an emergency plan and obtain Emergency Management Ontario’s approval
  • Develop an appropriate Emergency Operations Centre
  • Document the existing community emergency response capability and identify and attempt to address any additional needs
  • Conduct Annual Training for Members of the Community Control Group (CCG) and Emergency Operations staff
  • Conduct an annual exercise to evaluate the community emergency response plan
  • Develop and implement a community emergency management public awareness campaign
  • During an emergency, provide emergency management expertise and administrative support to the CCG
  • Update the emergency response plan and conduct an annual review of the plan

The Township of Russell’s Public Safety and Enforcement Department is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Township’s Emergency Management Plan. This plan helps guide our response to any municipal emergency situation and is fully compliant with Ontario’s Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

Ms. Millie Bourdeau is the Township of Russell's Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC) and as such is the Township's link with Emergency Management Ontario during an emergency.

The CEMC is responsible for all aspects of emergency management in the Township.  Beginning with the creation of an Emergency Planning Committee, Ms. Bourdeau has overseen the development of the Township's emergency plan.  She maintains a list of contacts, available support services and agreements to assist with the Township’s response and recover should an emergency occur.

Ongoing projects include training the Community Control Group, developing and leading an annual emergency response exercise, conducting public awareness campaigns, an annual review of the plan and continuing the expansion of the plan to meet EMO requirements.

Russell Township emergency response plan

While the municipality prepares to support the community, residents are expected to be prepared as well.  In fact, the government of Canada sets a standard that says that as individuals we should take measures to ensure that we are able to be self-sufficient for the first 72 hours of any emergency.  You will find useful information here: