Animal Care & Control / Dog Tags

Cause for Paws

Cause for Paws is a fund established in 2001 to help cover the costs of medical expenses of stray animals, found sick or injured in the Township of Russell.

These funds are collected as donations by the residents or by court sentencing. They are set aside and are used solely for the welfare of animals in our Municipality. Throughout the years, these funds have saved numerous animals, covering veterinarian expenses, medication and other related care.

We invite you to make a donation to your local animal fund “Cause for Paws” by either contacting the Township of Russell at 613 443-3066 or issuing a cheque labelled to the Township of Russell located at 717 Notre-Dame Street Embrun, Ontario K0A 1W1, with a reference to “Cause for Paws”.

A tax receipt will be issued for donations over 25$.

Dogs for Adoption

The Department is also responsible for the regulation of stray dogs. When a dog is found wandering, it is brought at the Dog Pound of the Township of Russell. If a dog is not claimed by its owner after a period of 72 hours, we offer the opportunity for people to adopt the animal.

 A municipal emergency service is also available 24 hours, 7 days a week in order to ensure the safety of the residents, dial 613-443-3066 x/8.

 For more information, please contact or call 613-443-3066.

Dog Tags and Renewals

Dog Licensing Fees

 $15 for spayed or neutered dogs

 $20 for dogs not spayed or neutered

 $40 for kennel

 $10 late fee (applicable as of July 14, 2017)


If you own a dog in the Township of Russell, you must ensure that your dog wears a dog tag.

Every owner of a dog shall annually, no later than March 31st in each year or within 7 days of becoming a dog owner, cause the dog to be licensed with the municipality. The owner shall keep the dog tag securely affixed on the dog at all times.

Dogs must wear a current dog tag to use the Dog Park.

Licensing registers your dog and provides a means by which it can be identified and returned to you if it gets lost. Licensing also addresses public health and safety concerns associated with stray animals.

Dog licenses may be obtained or renewed at the municipal office, at the Village Veterinary Clinic, located at 1108 Concession Street in Russell or by mail by completing and returning this Dog Tag Application.

For additional information please contact the Public Safety & Enforcement Department by email or call (613) 443-3066.

When to call

  • To report a dog running loose.
  • If someone is bitten by an animal.
  • If you have found a stray dog.
  • To report violations of the "Stoop and Scoop" regulations.
  • To report annoyance caused by a barking dog.
  • To help you with nuisance wildlife.
  • To ask questions about animal care and control.
  • If your pet has been bitten by another animal.
  • If you suspect an animal has rabies.
  • If you have lost your animal.
  • For further information on Animal Control By-laws and Regulations call: (613) 443-3066.

    Wildlife Control and Conflict Prevention

    Wildlife Control
    The Township of Russell offers a live trap rental program for its residents.

    We have several kinds and sizes of traps ranging from smaller traps for squirrels to specially made traps for skunks.

    The rent cost is $15 for one week.
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    The person renting the trap is responsible for the release of the animal once caught.

    The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources guidelines outline that no animal can be released further than 1 kilometres from where it was trapped so that diseases are not spread.

    Please call our office at 613-443-3066 before picking up a trap.

    Conflict Prevention
    Learn how you can avoid conflicts with wild animals, from Canada geese to coyotes here :