Environmental Assessment Now Underway to Improve Intersections Along Route 300
Russell Township is initiating two Environmental Assessment (EA) and Preliminary/Detail Design studies for intersection improvements at four
intersections along Route 300.

The first EA is for the intersections of St-Thomas Road and St-Augustin Road along Route 300, for the addition of turn lanes. A traffic analysis is being completed at these two intersections and we expect a recommendation for turning lanes. Such proposed improvements at these intersections are already pre-approved for construction, however, comments are always welcome.

The second EA is for intersection improvements at St-Pierre Road and Limoges Road along Route 300. The study will examine the intersection, drainage and
roadway alternatives, and determine any property acquisition required to implement the project. The proposed design of the intersection improvements at St-Pierre Road and Limoges Road will be presented at a future public consultation event (details to be announced at a later date).

If you would like to read the full Notice with details, or to be put on the mailing list to receive updates on this EA study, please see our Environmental Assessment (EA) web page.
Posted on 06/23/2020
Route 300 Map