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The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 requires accessibility standards to be reviewed five years after they become law. The review determines whether the standards are working as intended and allows for any needed adjustments.

In December 2015, a Standards Development Committee was established to review the accessible Transportation Standards. Based on its review, the Committee has developed initial proposed changes to the standards and is seeking public feedback before finalizing its recommendations to government.

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How to provide feedback

There are three ways to share your feedback:

If you need an alternate format or if you have any questions:

Closing date for public comments: July 19, 2017

How will my comments be used?

Transportation Standards Development Committeeby the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario, Feedback received during this consultation is considered public information and will be given to the to help them finalize proposed revisions to Ontario’s current Transportation Standards. This may involve giving the Committee survey submissions and/or summaries of them.

If you submit feedback on behalf of an organization, it will be considered as the position of the organization identified.

About the accessible transportation standards

  • Accessible transportation services make is easier for people with disabilities to live, work and participate in their communities.

  • The accessible transportation standards sets out requirements to make services and vehicles accessible to people with disabilities for:

Read the requirements of the accessible transportation standards

Learn more about Ontario’s accessibility laws at


The Accessibility Advisory Committee

In collaboration with the administration of the Township of Russell, produces the Accessibility Plan. To view the accessibility plan, please select one of the following links:

Accessibility Plan 2013-2017
Accessibility Plan 2010-2011  
Accessibility Plan 2009-2010
Accessibility Plan 2003-2004

For more information and resources please consult the Government of Ontario`s Accessibility webpage.