The Zoning By-law provides controls for the use and type of development of all properties within Russell Township. It provides specific information with regards to:

  • How specific parcels of land may be used;
  • Where buildings and other structures can be located on a property;
  • The types of buildings that are permitted and how they may be used; and,
  • Minimum lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and minimum setbacks.

Township of Russell Zoning By-Law (Full document)

SUMMARY SHEETS OF COMMON USES (Permitted Uses & Zone Requirements):
1. Residential Zones
- Residential One Zone (R1)
- Residential One-A Zone (R1A)
Residential Two Zone (R2)
- Residential Three Zone (R3)

2. Commercial Zones
- Village Core Zone (VC)
- General Commercial Zone (C)

3. Agricultural Zones
- Restricted Agricultural Zone (A1)
- General Agricultural Zone (A2)

4. Industrial Park Zones
- Industrial Park Zone - Unserviced (MP2)

Schedule A1a Embrun - West
Schedule A1b Embrun - Central North
Schedule A1c Embrun - Central South
Schedule A1d Embrun - East
Schedule A2 Russell
Schedule A2a Russell - Central
Schedule A3 Limoges
Schedule A4 Marionville
Schedule A5 Rural North
Schedule A5a Industrial Park
Schedule A5b Rural North East
Schedule A6 Rural South
Application for Zoning Amendment


We encourage anyone with questions regarding the zoning by-law or the land use planning and appeal process to contact the Planning Department of the Township of Russell.

Contact the Township of Russell Planning Department
E-mail: Planning@russell.ca
Tel: 613-443-3066 ext. 2305