Tax payments are due between the 25-27th of March, May, September and November.

Water & Sewer payments are due between the 25-27th of January, April, July and October.


We accept cash, cheque or Interac Direct Payment at the town hall. You can also make payments at most financial institutions.

Online Banking

To pay your water and/or tax bill using online banking:

Step 1: Add the Township of Russell as a Payee

Note: There is different search criteria depending on the institution.  You should be able to find the Township of Russell through “Municipality” “Russell” “Russell Municipality”, etc.

Step 2: Once the Township of Russell has been selected, select one of the two options:

  • Township of Russell – Taxes
  • Township of Russell – Water & Sewer

Step 3

To pay your water & sewer bill, enter your account information found in the upper right hand corner of your bill.  DO NOT enter the decimal point (.) ex: R12345.00 should be entered as R1234500

To pay your tax bill, enter the 19 digits on your account information found in the upper right hand corner of your bill. 

Pre-Authorized Payments

Option A: Monthly withdrawals between the 25th and the 27th of each month.

Option B: Time of Billing Withdrawals

With your authorization, the Township will automatically withdraw your payment on the due day of your invoice.

For property tax accounts:

Withdrawals are calculated as follows:
January to August - previous year taxes divided by 12 months,
September to December - current taxes minus amounts paid divided by 4 months.

A notice will be sent to you in January, informing you of the new withdrawal amount.

For tax accounts:

Four payments will be debited between the 25th and the 27th of March, May, September and November of every year.

For water/sewer accounts:

The 4 payments will be made between the 25th and the 27th of January, April, July and October of every year.

To register for the preauthorized payment option, complete a Payment Enrollment Authorization Form and return it with a signed VOID cheque at We will notify you of the amount to be withdrawn from your bank account. At any time, notify our office if you wish to cancel or make changes to your plan.

E-Billing Services

Go paperless!

Sign up and you receive an electronic version of your taxes, water and sewer bills delivered directly to your e-mail account.  The e-bill is exactly the same as your current invoice. 

Due dates as well as your payment options remain the same.

How does E-Billing work?

Once your e-billing service has been activated, your future invoices will be electronically delivered to the e-mail address you provided.  Customers may sign up more than one account for e-billing.

How do I pay for my bill after receiving it electronically?

Choosing to sign up for e-billing does not affect the way you pay your bills. 
Payment options include: 
cash, cheque, debit, online/telephone banking and PAP (preauthorised payments available monthly or on due dates).

What if I change my mind and want to go back to paper bills?

If you ever decide to stop the e-billing notification service, simply e-mail your request to payments or contact the utility billing department at 613-443-3066 ext. 2309 and taxes ext. 2302.

It is the customer's responsibility to notify the Township of Russell in writing of changes to the e-mail address where the bill is being sent or if a bill has not been received. Customers using the e-billing service are subject to standard late fees if applicable.

E-Billing Online Registration


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