Applications, Forms, Licences & Permits

Access to Information Request

Application for Work Approval

Application for Work Approval on:

  • Private entrance (culvert work only)
  • New culvert
  • Culvert replacement
  • Secondary entrance
  • Ditch fill
  • Widening of entrance with culvert
  • Ditch Cut (including drilling under road)
  • Gravel Road cut
  • Asphalt half of road cut
  • Asphalt full road cut
For locates, please contact Ontario One Call

Community Grant Request

For all information concerning community grants, please consult the Grants and Contributions page.

Delegation Request

Any person desiring to address the Council shall complete the Delegation request - Schedule A1 form.

Any person desiring to address the Council shall complete the Delegation request - Schedule A1 form and submit it to the Clerk's office no later than Thursday at 4 pm (7 days prior), preceding final preparations of the Agenda. If an application form is received after the deadline date or if the Agenda is deemed full, the application may be considered at the next scheduled Regular meeting. Pursuant to the Procedural By-law of Council, all requests to present a delegation and/or petition to Council shall be scheduled at a Regular meeting of Council. There are no Regular meetings of Council in July and only one in the months of August and December held on the second (2nd) Monday of the month.  Otherwise, the Regular meetings of Council are held on the first (1st) and third (3rd) Mondays of each month.

Related or background information shall also be provided at the time of submitting the application, and all such material shall be included in Council’s package for their review before the meeting.

At the meeting:

All delegation and/or petition applications shall be scheduled as the second item on the Agenda, immediately following presentations. The Mayor will invite individuals identified as the person(s) making the delegation or petition to the podium to speak on their issue(s). Delegations and/or petitions are limited to 5 minutes. Following the delegation/petition, Members of Council may ask questions. Upon closure of the discussion, Council may receive the delegation/petition for information purposes.  If a request for action on the part of Council is made, the matter will be referred to Administration or Committee for further report or further advice.

Important information about requests for funding:

Before requesting to make a delegation to council for a request for funding, it is important to note that Community Grants and Contributions are available to non-profit community organizations, groups or associations for community projects and events. The program is managed by the department of Public Works, Parks and Recreation. To find out if you are eligible for the Community Grants and Contributions Program you may wish to consult the "Community Grants Policies" on the Township’s Web Site.

Important information about public meetings held under the Planning Act:

Public meetings held under the Planning Act give property owners/residents the opportunity to voice opinions or comments regarding an application for the approval of:

  • Zoning By-law Amendments
  • Official Plan Amendments
  • Plans of Subdivision or Condominium

Such public meetings are generally held and scheduled during a Planning Advisory Committee meeting with notice given to immediate area residents. Under the Planning Act, if you do not express your views at the Public meeting or in writing to the Clerk’s Department before or during the public meeting, the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) may refuse your request for referral (objection) or dismiss all or part of your appeal without holding a hearing. In light of the above, delegation requests regarding any aspect of an official plan amendment, zoning by-law amendment or plans of subdivisions or condominiums will not be accepted between the conclusion of a Public meeting and Final Reading of the By-law.


To access the By-law, click on the following link: Fence By-law

A Guide to the Line Fences Act, 2014

The guide deals with the arbitration of fencing disputes in those parts of Ontario that are organized for municipal purposes, where the arbitration of fencing disputes is a responsibility of local municipalities.

To access the guide, click on the following link: Guide to the Line Fences Act 2014

To access the Line Fences Act , click on the following link: Line Fences Act

For more information on fencing, please consult the Government of Ontario’s Line Fence Act.

Lottery Licence (Raffle, Bingo, Break Open Tickets)

Eligibility and use of Proceeds

To be eligible to receive a lottery licence, an organization must first have charitable purposes and objects that fall within one of the four classifications of charitability:

(a) the relief of poverty

(b) the advancement of education

(c) the advancement of religion

(d) other charitable purposes beneficial to the community, not falling under (a), (b) or (c).

Licence Applications

In order for the Township of Russell to consider an organization’s application for a lottery licence in the Township, it must also fulfill the following criteria:

• have been in existence for at least one year;

• have provided charitable community services consistent with the primary objects and purposes of the organization for at least one year;

• have a place of business in Ontario;

• demonstrate that it is established to provide charitable services in Ontario;

• propose to use proceeds for charitable purposes or objects that benefit Ontario and its residents; and

• assume full responsibility for the conduct and management of its lottery events.

When an organization first applies for any type of lottery licence, or whenever an eligibility review is required, it must provide all of the following information and documents that apply to it:

• a copy of its letters patent;

• a copy of its constitution and bylaws;

• a copy of its budget for the current year;

• a copy of its financial statements for the preceding year;

• a list of its Board of Directors;

• its latest report to the Public Guardian and Trustee;

• its charitable number for income tax purposes;

• a copy of its Notification of Charitable Registration letter from the Canada Revenue Agency with any supporting documentation, indicating the applicant’s status and terms of registration;

• copies of its charitable returns to the Canada Revenue Agency for the previous calendar year;

• a detailed description of its activities;

• a copy of its annual report; and

• complete, sign and return the Questionnaire respecting applicants for lottery licence.

Applicants for lottery licences must ensure that applications are:

a) correctly and completely filled out. Errors and omissions can cause delays in the issuance of the licence;

b) duly signed, filled out and submitted at least 14 days prior to the event or 21 days for first time organizations.

c) accompanied by the licensing fee pursuant to the applicable User Fee By-law which is presently 3% of the total proposed prize up to a maximum of $50.00 per application for Rafflle, Bingo and Break Open Tickets applications.

Guick Guide and Information Packages:

  1. Quick Guide to Lottery Licence Applications
  2. Raffle Lottery Information Package
  3. Break Open Ticket Lottery Information Package
  4. Bingo Lottery Information Package

For further information and/or to obtain applications, terms and conditions, and reports:

  1. Visit the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website at:; or

  2. Contact the Clerk’s office by email or call 613.443.3066 x/2310.

Marriage Licence Application Form

Thinking about getting married?  In Ontario, you must have a marriage licence to legally start your new life together.  To obtain a marriage licence, ensure both you and your partner meet the criteria below, and then complete the Marriage Licence Application signed by both individuals getting married.  To obtain a marriage licence, you must make an appointment with the Clerk’s office at 613.443.3066 ext. 2310 or by email.

The application itself, along with the supporting documents as outlined below, must be submitted in person by either partner or both.  Make sure both partners sign the application form before attending in person at your scheduled appointment at the Town Hall.


Either partner may attend in person and make application; however, two pieces of original valid identification (no copies permitted), as outlined below, must be presented for both parties in order for a marriage licence to be issued.  If any of the identification is in a language other than English or French, an official translation of the document is required.

The 1st piece of identification must be any of the following:

•           A birth certificate (along with any change of name certificates); or

•           A current passport; or

•           A record of immigrant landing; or

•           A Canadian citizenship card.

The 2nd piece of identification must be in the form of government-issued photo identification, and must be presented for both parties of the intended marriage.  Acceptable identification includes:

  • A valid driver's licence; or
  • A valid passport; or

Age requirements

21 years of age or older - proof of identity as outlined above is required.

Under 21 years of age - proof of identity in the form of a birth certificate is required along with a government issued photo identification (with the exception of Health Cards).

16 or 17 years of age - proof of identity in the form of a birth certificate is the only acceptable first piece of identification along with a government issued photo identification (with the exception of Health Cards).  Furthermore, parental consent is required.


A marriage licence is valid for use anywhere in Ontario for three months after its issue date. If you plan to marry outside of the province or the country, be sure to verify the requirements for the appropriate jurisdiction.

Marriage after a divorce

If you were divorced in Canada, you must provide the original or court-certificate copy of your certificate of divorce, or a final decree, or final judgment. Photocopies will not be accepted. A certified copy of your certificate of divorce may be obtained from the court office that granted the divorce. All original documents will be given back to you.


When applying for a marriage licence, you are required to certify information under oath. If you do not understand or are not able to read English or French, please bring an interpreter to assist you.


There are no limitations on citizenship or residency when applying for a marriage licence in Ontario.

Health Analysis

Blood tests and medical certificates are not necessary to obtain a marriage licence in Ontario.


The current marriage licence fee is f $135.00 and shall be paid ONLY by cash or debit on the day of your appointment.


The Township of Russell will not coordinate or organize marriage ceremonies.

Want to know more...

Please contact the Office of the Registrar General in Thunder Bay at 1-800-461-2156.

Open Air Burning

The Municipal Public Safety & Enforcement Department is responsible for the issuance of open air burning permits. Applications for burning permits must be submitted 24 hours prior to open air burning. You may set an appointment with the By-law department by contacting us Monday to Friday at 613-443-3066.

Pool, Jacuzzi or Spa

A permit is required prior to the installation of a swimming pool, spa or an artificial pond. Cost of the permit is $50.00.

  • A 1.2m fence is required for an in ground pool. No fence is required for pools 1.2m above ground. If deck is added, 1.2m self-closing and latching gates are required.
  • Pools have to be installed 1.5m from the side and rear property lines, owners are also responsible to check for septic beds and easements registered on their property.
  • Motors/filters have to be installed at 1.5m from the side and rear property lines and at no less than 1m from the pool wall unless the pool is completely enclosed within a yard regardless of the height of the pool or spa.
  • Special regulations apply when property is located on a corner lot.
  • Special regulations apply for an inflatable and/or temporary swimming pool.

To apply for a pool, Jacuzzi of Spa, you must fill out this form, as well as bring a sketch of the location of the pool, with the distance from the property line and the location of fence & gates to the Town Hall.

For further information on swimming pool, spas or artificial ponds please contact the By Law Department at (613) 443-3066 or by email.

Presentation Request

Any person desiring to address the Council shall complete the presentation request form, and submit it to the Clerk of The Township of Russell, no later than Thursday (7 days prior) at 4:00 p.m. preceding final preparations of the Agenda. If an application form is received after the deadline date or if the Agenda is deemed full, the application may be considered at the next scheduled Regular meeting. For more information, consult the presentation request form.

Flag Raising Event - Application Form

Flag Raising Event - Application Form

Flag-raising ceremonies enhance public awareness of activities such as national
days, multicultural events, fund-raising drives and encourage support from members of the public and benefit and enrich the community.

Application for Direction of School Support

The application for Direction of School Support form enables any person to apply to have their school support included or revised on the assessment roll by sending the completed form to the Regional Assessment Commissioner.

Application for Direction of School Support

Breach of Council Code of Conduct