Backyard Hens

Who can have backyard hens?

Only residents who have an approved permit can keep backyard hens on their property.

There are two types of permits for backyard hens:
  • For properties zoned Agricultural, or Rural Residential
  • For properties zoned Residential (New Pilot Program)
To confirm the zoning of your property, contact our Planning Department at or 613-443-3066.

Apply for a Permit 


The annual Backyard Hens Permit fee is $50.

Your permit fee needs to be submitted with your application. If your application is denied, the amount will be reimbursed. The permit fee will not be reimbursed if your permit is revoked.

Background Information

Chickens, including backyard hens, were previously only allowed in areas zoned Agricultural, or zoned Rural residential. A new pilot program has been approved by Council for to allow backyard hens in residential areas until September 2021, if the applicant meets certain conditions. Once the pilot program ends, Council will review the initiative.

Only a limited number of permits will be approved under the one-year pilot program, which will be on a first come, first-served basis. It includes:

  • 7 licenses for the Village of Embrun
  • 7 licenses for the Village of Russell
  • 3 licenses for the Village of Marionville
  • 3 licenses for the Village of Limoges

The following events and documents were part of the drafting and approving process for the new pilot program:

  • Online Public Meeting on July 8, 2020 (Recording available on our YouTube page)
  • Online Survey on Residential Backyard Hens
  • Open public feedback for comments on the Draft By-Law on Licensing and Control of Urban Hens
  •  Draft By-Law and public feedback on Draft-By-Law presented to Council in August 2020
  • Adoption of By-Law in October 2020
Please contact if you would like more information on any of the above items.